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Just a Nip

Mild temp.png

Buster, the OBD (Original Bad Dog) is just nipping at your taste buds to let you know he is there. Perfect heat for those that love salsa and not feeling it later.

Leave a Mark

Medium temp.png

Here, Buster is applying a little pressure and you're gonna feel it. Not to the point of tears, but you will feel it!!

Draw Blood

Hot temp.png

Bad Dog in full effect here! You jumped the wrong fence and your taste buds are feeling it. For those that can take the heat, this is the one. If you can't run with the OBD, stay on the porch.

Salsa Verde

Medium temp.png

Don't be green with envy by missing out on this one. Our Salsa Verde is not your average green salsa. You won't find any sweetness to this one, just tons of fire roasted flavor. Made with tomatillos, chilies and avocado, our Salsa Verde is thick, creamy and spicy. 

Bowl of Salsa.jpg
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