About Us

Our Story
We are passionate about food and about bringing value to the lives of people near and far! Through Bad Dog Salsa we’ve combined these passions into one outpouring. Our recipes have been perfected and we are proud to offer our handcrafted, fire-roasted salsas. 


Our faith drives our values and our actions. We believe God has placed us here with a purpose to help in any way we can. That’s where the generosity part of Bad Dog Salsa comes in. One cause that has captured our hearts is Operation Underground Railroad. That’s why we’ve determined to make each salsa sale benefit the life of a child who has fallen victim to sex trafficking. 

Ten percent of every sale is donated to Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), an organization that rescues children from sex trafficking. O.U.R. works with local law enforcement to not only rescue children around the world, but also to arrest and convict the perpetrators. They help the children receive the resources they need to recover from the horror they’ve endured. To read more about O.U.R. check out their website at www.ourrescue.org

Our Name 

It’s a family joke – we’ve developed the habit of affectionately calling our dogs “bad dog”. They really aren’t bad dogs, in fact they’re very sweet and happy, which is what makes it funny to us. Laughing is our favorite. We also think the name is appropriate because salsa has a bite, and some salsas bite harder than others, right?

    PHOENIX magazine article: "3 Local Products to Try This Spring" (link)


“The salsa is amazing. Super fresh and very flavorful. I am super picky about salsa and typically make my own, but this is better than my homemade. Love the variety of mild, medium and hot.” - Jennifer B.

“Met the husband and wife team at our Chandler Farmers Market this morning! Great couple and yummy fresh salsa! Great simple product business. Love that they have a cause they support and that they give you a $1 discount for recycling their jars; when you come back for more!” - Mackenzie M.

“Tried Bad Dog Salsa for the first time this week. I have had A LOT of salsa in my day and this is by far one of the best!!! I am also in love with the logo and names of the salsas :) So yummy and fresh!!!!” - Jessica H.


“The best salsa I’ve ever had!!!” - Melani C.